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ugh i hate dejavu it's so creepy! i get it all the time, i think i chalk it up to me thinking so much, everything just gets muddled together.

i have REALLY strong dejavu though, and just now i had by far the strongest i've ever had. i 1000% wouldn't be surprised if it actually had happened exactly like that before.
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just some quick things about me:

i'm a Mormon. i'm 25 at the moment. i'm male. i'm super girly. i'm straight (i only put this because people ask me a lot lol) i love being analytical with books and really delve into them. i read the same books over and over, twilight and harry potter. i've graduated from college and am done forever. i absolutely hate school. i suffer from slight depression and have anxiety problems. i have a 3.95 GPA in school so i is smart. i love pokemon(obviously), i love fashion and design, i love interior decoration and design, and i love shopping. i want to be a starving artist when i grow up or work on an assembly line. i am extremely curious. i get angry easily. i'm not offended easily though. although i am grumpy and pessimistic frequently i am genuinely happy with my life right now. i so love candy. it's the greatest. i love fruity candy best. my favorite is zours. i collect random knick-knacks and souvenirs from trips i take and have 10+ shelves of stuff and every inch of my bedroom walls are covered in stuff. i love pop music and country. my favorite colors are yellow, magenta, seafoam green, raspberry, mauve, and white. i live in California USA. i hate it here. i love the rain and cold. i love cats. i have 3. i've raised just about every type of pet you can get. I have several phobias, including natural fires, earthquakes, my family being separated, medical diseases, rodents, change, and responsibility. i HATE politics, it's boring and makes people angry. i love flowers, my favorite is the peony. i collect paintings. i make art for me. i love to help and answer questions about anything so if you have any questions ask me :3

:iconamgtouchplz: :iconbetchplz: :iconbitchpleaseplz: :iconbummy1: :iconbummy2: :iconbummy3: :iconcreepyspongebobplz: :iconcryforeverplz: :icondawwwwplz: :icondivaplz: :icondontglompmeplz: :iconewwplz: :iconfaceshovelplz: :iconfeelingfreeplz: :iconflowerdanceplz: :iconhappy-dance-plz: :iconidklolplz: :iconiseewhatyoudidthere: :iconitssofluffyplz: :iconjamescoolplz: :iconkeishaduhplz: :iconkeishaprettyplz: :iconkeishasogayplz: :iconkermityayplz: :iconkittyglompplz: :iconllamacanplz: :iconmariagaahplz: :iconohjoyplz: :iconohmyglobplz: :iconohmygoshplz: :iconomgshoesplz: :iconpoptartcat2::iconpoptartcat: :iconprogressiveplz: :iconrainbowdashchuuplz: :iconsoundsgreatplz: :iconspongebobrapefaceplz: :icontinyrainbowarmy: :iconuguufaceplz: :iconvernonderpplz: :iconmirandasingsplz: :iconsnapeleavesplz: :iconnobodycares-plz: :iconfuckyoubyeplz: :iconrabbitsplz:


Individual full drawings
I will draw one fakemon or pokemon with a white BG
Full scene drawing
I will draw one of your fakemon or a pokemon in a scene
Full drawing and scene (extra)
I will draw up to 3 fakemon or pokemon in a scene


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Combo89 Featured By Owner 4 days ago  Hobbyist General Artist
Uhhm, is that true? :'D
Poor poor little Florida.
FrozenFeather Featured By Owner 4 days ago  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
lol yes that's VERY true, florida doesn't quite fit in, but that can be said of several states. i've never been to florida, but the joke/stereotype of it is that it's where older people go to retire, so it's sort of just a jumble of miscellaneous people haha. it seems like it would fit nicely in the west actually.

but yeah there are a few little inaccuracies in that form what i've seen, but the majority is correct haha i think it has to do more with what is grown in the area, what people do for work, etc. it's really weird that we're all one country, but we have such HUGE difference in beliefs. even small time, for example the large cities in california (hollywood, los angeles, san fransisco, sacramento) are VERY liberal in political beliefs, 90% of the rest of the state is very conservative in political beliefs. it can be difficult.

anyways i'm getting off topic lol
Combo89 Featured By Owner 4 days ago  Hobbyist General Artist
Don't forget that JB lives in Florida and there's lot of tornados and trouble on the seas(lion fish everywhere). One thing that saves is the Disneyland.

I watched a lot of video on California, especially at LA where the police pursuits the thielves everydays, I mean wtf what happen here??

Naaah, don't worry about off topic! I always love to talk with someone! :D
FrozenFeather Featured By Owner 4 days ago  Hobbyist Traditional Artist

yeah florida has it's bad sides too. i've i also heard it's SUPER humid and hot down there! eww

yeah we have a lot of problems right now in los angeles. i live right outside it. there's a lot of corruption, lawlessness. LA acts as a benevolent giver. they give a lot of handouts to just everyone who says they want stuff. so they give a lot of homeless people benefits(even the ones who CLEARLY don't need to be homeless and just honestly act lazy[which is also sad because then the people who GENUINELY need help don't get it because it's going to lazy people]) and then we waste a lot of money on really stupid things. that creates a lot of problems. everyone comes to LA because it's nice weather and there are lots of free benefits, but the problem is the people don't care about the city, it's just a place to get free stuff. so that results in people not taking care of the city. crime, vandalism, litter, etc. so we have a lot of problems with police too :/

its really sad because it is a very beautiful city with lots of really great things! (art museums and beautiful architecture, shopping, beaches, etc, etc, etc)
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thennessy Featured By Owner Apr 21, 2017  Hobbyist Interface Designer
Thank u so much for the kind words, the faves, and the llama badge! Your work is so amazing, keep it up! :D
FrozenFeather Featured By Owner Apr 21, 2017  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
LittleWheat Featured By Owner Apr 7, 2017  Student General Artist
Hey! I just wanted to drop by and thank you for the favorite! Honestly, it just means a lot to have people support me as an artist- so thank you for the encouragement and support! 

I do have a tumblr should you care to follow me there as well, I do have a tendency to post there more frequently these days: 
And Instagram:…

But seriously- thank you so much!
Cheers! Popcorn
FrozenFeather Featured By Owner Apr 7, 2017  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
hey i don't mean to be rude or anything, but what did i favorite of yours? haha i'm just curious, i cannot find it in my favorites

and no problem!
JustinNuggets Featured By Owner Mar 11, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I'm hosting a contest if you're interested :)
FrozenFeather Featured By Owner Mar 11, 2017  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
OOOOO i think i may try entering this one! very intriguing theme!

i'll definitely post a journal soon about it, i hope it gets lots of attention!

hmm i have to go think now haha
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